• Reddit’s empire is founded on a flawed algorithm may be we need to adopt it…
  • XCPretty Flexible and fast xcodebuild formatter #xcode
  • Transplanting Constraints Suggestions to edit xib XML directly as text file. May be we need to make it properly in runtime? #ios
  • TWMessageBarManager An iOS manager for presenting system-wide notifications via a dropdown message bar. #ios
  • FastCoding FastCoder is a high-performance binary serialization format for Cocoa objects and object graphs. It is intended as a replacement for NSPropertyList, NSJSONSerializer, NSKeyedArchiver/Unarchiver and Core Data. #ios
  • Mensa: Smart Tables Shows three simple techniques for modern UITableViews. The three techniques are each separate in concept but are combined in this demo project; you can use each independently. I’m still not sure if it is useful #ios
  • APIClient